Impromptu Experiment

This week I’m trying a new experiment – one to which I hadn’t given any previous thought.  Life is like that sometimes – at least it is for me!  Earlier in the week, I had the joy of being able to spend time with my youngest grandson.  After a couple of days of seeing his little face all the time, it’s really hard to leave and go home.

See why it’s so hard to leave this guy?

Since he’s still at the age where he takes three naps a day, I take my computer along with me so I can do some email or write or do research or, let’s be honest, waste some time on the Internet.  In addition to my backpack for staying overnight, a cooler (for snacks I brought along), a bag of groceries I’d picked up on the way there, and my purse, I had an enormous bag of books I picked up at the library on the way there (I’m going through A LOT of books now that I’m doing the screen free bedroom!) Somehow I left behind my laptop and didn’t realize it until later that night when I went to use it.

After briefly considering driving back the next day to retrieve it (and my sweet daughter-in-law even offered to bring it halfway), I decided it was a good opportunity to do an experiment to see how it would feel to be without it for a week.  Fortunately, I’m able to use my aunt’s dinosaur of a computer for some things.  Except that it took me a long time to remember how to get to the backend of the blog so I could actually write and post something.  Unfortunately the document with all my notes and blog posts I’ve started is on my laptop so I’ve had to wing it.

Flying by the seat of my pants isn’t normally how I like to do things, but I didn’t want to go for another week without posting.  The screen free bedroom experiment is going well, especially now that Baby Ben is hanging out in my room with me.  As long as I remember to wind him every day, I can tell what time it is without having to get out of bed.  With temperatures and wind chills hovering in the teens and single digits for days and days, this has been a godsend.

Thanks for letting me borrow Baby Ben, Mom!

Once I have my computer back, I’ll post an update about this year’s Spending Fast.  If you’ve never done a Spending Fast, I highly recommend it!  If you’d like to read some of my insights about previous years, please feel free to go here to check it out.

It’s taken a lot of time to get even this little post written and ready to go so I’m not sure how many more I will do before I get my computer back.  How do you handle the unexpected?  Are you able to go with the flow or does it ruin your day?  Please leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook!