Babywatch 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, Babywatch 2017 is concluded. 

Late last year, I was thrilled to learn that in July I would be meeting my fifth grandchild, the first child of my youngest son, Joel, and his beautiful wife, Lisa.  Shortly after that, my aunt and co-farmer also found out that she would be meeting her seventh grandchild in August.  The due dates were twenty-nine days apart. 

Knowing that summer babies were on the way, we worked hard to get projects completed and food harvested and put away for winter.  Every night I crawled into bed sore and exhausted but with my phone on my night stand in case I got the call that the baby was on the way.

Here’s the thing about babies, and well, about people in general.  They don’t always do what you expect them to do and things don’t always go exactly as planned.  That July due date came and went and there was talk of inducing labor.  At the same time, circumstances occurred which made it seem like the August baby might be coming early.  The one thing we hadn’t accounted for was having the two babies come at the same time.  We talked about putting a plan together, but there were simply too many unknowns so we decided we would just do the best we could with whatever happened.

It turns out that those babies who were supposed to be born twenty-nine days apart were born within thirty-six hours of each other.  They are complete opposites, Owen at eight pounds, seven ounces and twenty-one and a half inches and Evelyn at five pounds, fourteen ounces and nineteen and a quarter inches. There is one thing they have in common, though. They are dearly wanted and much loved.

Me and Owen

Linda and Evelyn