Goodbye 2017

The last few days I’ve been thinking over all the stuff that happened in 2017.  There’s been good and bad, happy and sad.  Births and deaths, hotter than average temperatures and colder than average temperatures, sicknesses and health, anger and forgiveness, back breaking work and Sabbath rests, power failures, champagne celebrations and feasts, creating and preserving, recreation, and so much more.

This past week I haven’t done much but try to stay warm and reflect on what transpired last year (and possibly put jigsaw puzzles together) and ponder what I want to do in the coming year.  The current plan is less technology, more writing, more sleeping, and maybe even a real vacation.  These plans haven’t been committed to paper yet so there may be more or there may be less.  Lately the thought of less and less of most things is sounding very appealing.  The hope is that removing the things that matter less to me will open some space for the things that matter more. While I’d like to do so many things, I’m finding that I simply can’t without compromising my health and sanity.

This year’s Christmas gift from my kids and grandkids has given me the opportunity to do some contemplating while I walk around the fields.  It would be nicer if the temps were higher than single digits, but it doesn’t look like that will he happening anytime soon.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep bundling up.

So happy that these snowshoes are keeping me up out of the drifts!