12 South

What you’re about to read is a complete and total rationalization and justification.  It’s completely out of character and I’m pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s true non-the-less.

Normally I only go to a donut shop if I’m picking up donuts for my team.  Very rarely do I actually eat them.  Normally I would never pay more than a dollar for a donut. Normally I wouldn’t eat a donut for lunch.  Normally I wouldn’t eat donuts twice in one week. 

That was before I took a trip to Five Daughters Bakery on 12 South here in Nashville, Tennessee. One lovely Saturday morning my housemate’s daughter told us about it and said she wanted to go and check it out.  Normally, I wouldn’t tag along – I have some very aggressive savings goals this year and going out for treats is not in alignment with that goal.  But it’s my birthday month and I thought, why not?  And why would I deprive them of the pleasure of my company?  Plus it’s a family business owned and operated by Isaac and Stephanie Meek and their five daughters – how could I not support that? 

Five Daughters Bakery 1

Five Daughters Bakery 2

The stairway to heaven

Five Daughters Bakery 8

Five Daughters Bakery 3

Love their decor!

Five Daughters Baker 4

Waiting patiently in line

Five Daughters Bakery 9

These are not just any donuts – these are donuts just like the ones my Mom used to make.  They are soft and yeasty and delicious and even though I couldn’t eat the whole thing in one sitting, I very much wanted to. 

Five Daughters Bakery 10

Donuts just like Mom used to make

Not even a week later, I just happened to be out having dinner at Burger Up’s 12 South location and what do you know?  It’s just down the street from Five Daughters Bakery!  After eating my Woodstock burger (Triple L Ranch beef, Benton’s bacon, Tennessee Sweetwater white cheddar, and Jack Daniel’s Maple Ketchup) and house cut fries, there was only room for a small thin mint cookie popsicle at Las Paletas.  But there was no reason I couldn’t get a maple glazed 100 layer donut from FDB for the next day’s breakfast!

12 South - Burger Up

Almost forgot to take a picture.  I was really hungry, okay?

Las Paletas Menu

Las Paletas Menu

Las Pasitas Popsicle

There are whole thin mint cookies inside this popsicle

It’s possible that I may need to move to the 12 South neighborhood.  In addition to Five Daughters and Burger Up, there’s also a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream location and a Sprinkles, where you can get cupcakes twenty-four hours a day from their Cupcake ATM.  I was going to write a little more, but I think I better take a little break and go to realtor.com and scout out my options.  Stay tuned for my next post where I talk about how I’m mysteriously gaining weight . . .