An Open Letter to Litterers

Dear person who threw the White Castle bag and assorted food wrappers out of your vehicle:

Why?  Why did you find it necessary to chuck your garbage out the window instead of taking it home to dispose of properly?  Were you eating on the sly and needing to destroy the evidence?  Your trash was barely five hundred feet from White Castle – you must have horked down those bad boys in two bites!  Was your trash somehow offensive to you and you felt the need to remove it from your presence as quickly as possible?  Or is it simply too much work to carry it from your vehicle to an appropriate garbage container? 

White Castle Bag

White Castle Slider

White Castle Cup

Please refrain from purchasing fast food in the future if you are unable to appropriately dispose of your trash.

Dear person who flicked the cigarette butt out the window:

Why?  While I don’t understand your choice to smoke, I support your right to do so.  This doesn’t mean, however, that I want your butts littering the road, the sidewalk, my patio, really any spaces that I frequent.  Can’t you keep it in your vehicle and dispose of it in a trash receptacle at your earliest convenience?  If you’re okay with smoking it stands to reason that you should be okay with having butts and ashes in your vehicle. Can’t you put it in an ashtray instead of sending it over the edge of the balcony?

Cigarette Butt

Please own the  byproduct of your choice and stop throwing your butts out the window and off the balcony. 

Dear person who tossed the non-biodegradable tin can on the ground along the greenway only feet from a trash receptacle:

Why?  While I can totally relate to you needing a cool beverage while out on the trail (it gets hot out there!), why would you just throw something on the ground when there are at least six trash receptacles at conveniently located intervals?  Was the half ounce it weighed too heavy for you to carry?  Was it too large for your hand to hold comfortably?  Or were you trying to spare that can from joining the thirty plus million tons of trash that go into our landfills each year? 

Tin Can 1

Tin Can 2

Please put your bottle in the trash container or consider suffering through the thirty minutes it takes to walk the trail without a beverage to slake your thirst.


The person who felt compelled to clean up after you


Dear person who is hawking chewing tobacco loogies off your balcony:

Spitting Tobacco

Stop it.  Right now.