30-Day Mins Game – Day 24

It’s definitely starting to look and feel like fall.  The leaves are starting to turn and when I was hiking last week, I came across some osage oranges.  Osage oranges look pretty weird, but I love their bumpiness even though they aren’t really oranges – they are actually a member of the mulberry family.

There was finally time to go to the thrift store today to drop off two boxes and three bags full of stuff and an unruly Swiffer that wasn’t very cooperative about fitting into the trunk of my Focus.  It’s clear to me now why the rules of the Mins Game state to remove items from your home on the day you purge them.  As I was loading things up, I had a few misgivings, like maybe I shouldn’t get rid of this or that.  But the fact that I’d written about it and told everyone I was going to purge helped me stay strong.

Today’s purge is a set of 24 DVDs that I’ve had for about ten years, give or take.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched any of them but I was reluctant to let them go.  Until I realized I could get the entire 24 volume set in one package!  Maybe that’s not exactly what it means to minimize, but that’s what I’m going with!