30-Day Mins Game – Day 25

As mentioned previously, there was a time when I collected clear glass Pyrex and Hazel Atlas dishes, which we’ve already established was a little over the top, so I won’t belabor that point here.  Again, there are more jars that I have at times reused, but there are still plenty in the cupboard.

The beautiful blue bottles are from Blufeld Riesling, which is made in Mosel, Germany.  It’s a favorite of mine, though I haven’t had any in quite some time having given up alcohol this year (I’ll write on that someday soon).  This is another case of me thinking I would do something creative with these lovelies one day when in actuality, they’ve been sitting under the sink gathering dust.


As I worked my way through the stuff under the sink, I came across some energy efficient lightbulbs that can’t be put in the regular trash as they contain hazardous materials, some pads to use under furniture when you have wood floors (my current apartment is carpeted), more yogurt containers, some mesh bags and a now defunct Brita water filter.  Again, when I had some time, I was going to make scrubbies out of the plastic mesh.  Clearly that never happened, nor is it likely to happen any time soon.  I had every intention of writing to Brita to tell them the water filter I purchased along with it’s pricey filters stopped working only a few months after I purchased it.  Since it too has been gathering dust, I decided to just trash it and move on.


Do you save things with good intentions of repurposing them one day?  Do you actually follow through?  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on Facebook.  If not, I’d love to hear how long you’ve kept things until, like me, you’ve faced the fact that it’s never going to happen.

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