30-Day Mins Game – Day 28

What we have here is a big ol’ pile of poor financial decisions, cars and condos and boats, oh my!  The full details of my financial story will be disclosed at a future date.  As soon as I work up enough courage to write about it.

After my last day of paper purging, I did some research on how long I needed to keep documents and was thrilled to learn that much of what was filling my plastic filing bin could be discarded!


Unfortunately, the majority of it is stuff that needs to be shredded so the shredder has been getting a workout!  The shredding has to happen in batches as the poor thing keeps overheating!

Question – does anyone actually read every single word when they sign all the papers to purchase a house?

This is clearly more than the twenty-eight items I need for today, but there’s more!


The broom and dustpan are rarely used and along with this bucket, are just taking up space under the sink.


This is leftover reflective tape that I used when I made my grandson’s construction worker costume.  What’s really weird is that I found it in one of those paper bags I’d been saving . . . not sure how it got there, but hopefully someone can use it after I donate it to the local thrift store.

Construction Worker


Though I like both of these movies, I haven’t watched either one in quite some time.  Also, I’m purging my DVD player, so it doesn’t really make much sense to keep any movies!


These are all earrings that I like and have worn in the past, but since I mostly wear black and white and don’t really have any clothing that matches these colors, there’s no point in keeping them.  How many earrings does a person need?  If I found a pair that I really, really like, would I be content to wear them and nothing else?  There are still five pairs on my dresser, plus a fancy pair I bought for my youngest son’s wedding (along with the dress, jacket, and strappy sandals that I’m also not ready to let go of yet) so we’ll see how I feel about paring down further after the game is done.

I’m not sure why I’m having trouble letting go of the outfit I wore to my son’s wedding.  It’s not because I looked particularly ravishing in it, or because it was comfortable (those shoes killed my poor feet!), I think maybe it’s because it was such a fun day, so many good memories of both of my boys, their wives, my granddaughter, and my fancied up family members.

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Me and Selah

View More: http://ejphotos.pass.us/lisajoel110814

My Mom and Dad looking adorable

One thing I’ve learned through this exercise is that sometimes I’m not ready to let something go and that it’s okay.  It’s just not okay to hold onto 300,000 things, which according to the LA Times, is the number of items the average American owns.  Hopefully I’m well below that number at this point – this is one case when I’m more than happy to be less than average!