Leaving Nashville

Dearest Nashville

The time has come for us to say goodbye.  You’ve been good to me the last four years and I feel a twinge of sadness that we are parting ways. 

I will miss . . .

Hot, sunny summers

Your greenways and trails

Live music playing at every restaurant

The Farmers who have fed me

Driving across the bridge over Percy Priest Lake

The lovely people I’ve gotten to know

12 South and its fun places to eat

Hanging out with Bob, Judi, Kayli, Poli, and Durango





I will not miss . . .

Your traffic jams

Hurtling across five lanes of traffic on I-40 to get on 440

The way you shut down when it might snow

The variety and size of your insects

Being here has been good for me.  Even though moving here on my own was a major Naked on the Tundra decision, I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I want from life, and had the opportunity to meet so many great people. 

And so I’m leaving, going on to the next thing, a new Naked on the Tundra adventure.  Thank you for everything, Nashville!  Don’t be surprised if I’m back again before too long for a visit!

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