A Slow December

This has been one of the most laid back holiday seasons I’ve had since my kids were little.  Most of my shopping was done the first week in December and I even had a chance to bake cookies and make the traditional buckeyes early in the month so it could be something to be enjoyed instead of a frantic rush to just get it all done before Christmas. 


There have been visits with extended family members and of course, trips to Tecumseh Bread & Pastry.  Thankfully doing chores, playing ball with Hannah, and helping with the kid’s remodel seems to be keeping me from gaining too much weight despite all the holiday treats.

Several inches of snow have fallen, especially on the west side of the state, but it hasn’t kept me from attending events like the grandkids Christmas program.  My daughter-in-law sang a beautiful rendition of Noel that moved me to tears – I so wanted to record it, but my phone is being extremely temperamental. 

The Littles singing Away in a Manger

You can just see Ben in the picture as well, playing the drums.

Great Christmas Pageant!

Life hasn’t been all puppies and rainbows – when I tried to update my google analytics on the blog, this happened and I had to call tech support to get it up and running again.  It’s possible that I did allow myself to get a little stressed out about it.  I mean, what if someone actually wanted to read something I wrote and all they saw was my fatal error?

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Perhaps the best part of the last few weeks has been ordinary moments like this.

Who doesn’t love Legos?

It’s hard to admit, but I haven’t always been present in the moment – even moments like this with the people I love. I’m often thinking of all that there is to do and moving on to the next thing.  Slowing down has been hard, but I’m learning to sleep more, rest more, and simply be here, truly experiencing what I’m doing right now.  I think I might be on to something.