There is a serious first world problem going on in my life right now.  My iPhone is out of storage.  Download the latest iOS update?  Not enough storage.  Update an app?  Not enough storage.  Take a picture?  Not enough storage.  Backup my data?  Not enough storage.  As of today, my voicemail is completely full.

When I was busily purging things in my house, it didn’t occur to me to look at the clutter that has entered my life since I got a smart phone.  Not one to be an early adopter, I’ve only had one for four or five years, yet in that short period of time, apparently I have maxed out it’s capacity.

There are a total of fifty-seven apps installed on my iPhone.  That sounds like a lot, but twenty-five of them come with the iPhone, which means I’ve only downloaded thirty-two.  Sadly, the thirty-two is what remained after I deleted an additional twenty-five of them in an attempt to get enough storage to be able to do some of the things mentioned in the first paragraph.  Which made absolutely no difference whatsoever, I’m sorry to report.

What’s taking up most of the thirteen gigabytes of available storage on my iPhone?  Almost 50% of my available storage is music, which is rather curious as I never think of myself as a big music buff.  There are another two and half gigabytes of pictures and almost as many text messages.  Next in line is my NIV Bible app, which only takes up two-hundred and forty megabytes.  After that are assorted social media apps.  And the rest?  Well, they are very important useful apps.  Like Scrabble, Sudoku, and Free Cell and apps for grocery store ads and apps for reading ebooks and magazines.  Should there ever be a need for me to survive on what I can find in the wild, I have the Wild Edibles app.  There’s an app that assists me in purchasing items that are made in the USA and an app for reading QR Codes, which I’m sure I’ve used approximately three times.  There’s my Yard Sale Treasure Map for planning the most efficient route when visiting yard sales and Google Earth in case I need to see what things look like from outer space.  Oh, and the one app that actually is very useful, the flashlight app.

It’s clear that there is work to be done here and I need to be more vigilant about all the cyber clutter that is complicating my life.  Since so many apps are free, it’s easy to add all kinds of useless time wasters, none of which really improve the quality of my life one iota.  I’ve opted to write this post tonight instead of freeing up space on my phone, so hopefully no one tries to leave me a voicemail message overnight.  It’s on the to do list, though, and I’m sure I will get to it soon!