TBT: Rafting

What would you do if you were a kid and your Mom brought home giant styrofoam boxes from her job in the seafood department in a grocery store?

Would you care that the box smelled like fish?

Would you build a fort?

Would you build a castle?

Would you build a raft?

If you built a raft, would you take it to a lake to see if it would float before you got on it?

Or would you launch it in the creek behind your house that’s at flood stage because it’s been raining for days?  Would you wear your raincoat just to be on the safe side?

Creek Rafting

Obviously you would just jump on the raft with your brother, get one of your friends to come along, and get your Dad to give you a push, completely ignoring the fact that the water is brown.  You would have a great time and your Mom would take pictures so she could put them on the Internet twenty odd years later for the world to see on Throw Back Thursday. 

What kind of adventures did you have when you were a kid?  Be sure to add a comment and tell me all about it.