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For the past four or five years, I’ve owned an iPhone.  My current phone is not the latest version, but I have upgraded once since I first made the switch from a flip phone to a smartphone.  There’s an ongoing disagreement between smartphone users as to which one is the best – is it the Samsung Galaxy?  LG G3 or G4?  Motorola Moto?  Sony Xperia?  iPhone?


Early this morning I happened upon an article whose title, Stop Doubting The iPhone, The Macintosh Company, intrigued me.  As an iPhone user, I was curious about whether my loyalty was misplaced.  As far as the Better World Shopping Guide goes, Apple is the most highly rated company of all the brands listed here, so I wanted to find out if there was a different point of view from someone who was approaching the question from a different perspective.

It was a lengthly article, but to be honest, I never got through the whole thing because I came across a sentence that I got hung up on and never went any further.  It said, “Reality #1:  Smartphones are the most important product in people’s lives, which means that the willingness to pay for the “best” is higher than it is for just about anything else; relatedly, the smartphone budget is likely the last to be cut in any sort of economic tightening”

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t quite wrap my brain around the belief that my phone is the most important product in my life and that I should be willing to pay for the best.  My phone is more important than food? Clothing? Shelter? Transportation?  If I need to reduce my expenditures, should I really cut things that are essential to life before I cut my cell phone bill? 

It’s easy to see how the writer came to this conclusion.  Most people I know have their cell phone with them at all times, it’s the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they do before going to sleep.  Am I the only one who’s concerned about this?  Have you wondered if your life is better or worse for having a smartphone?  Is your smartphone the most important product in your life?  Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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  1. I would like to read that article and see if he expands on what he means. By product, I don’t think he’s talking about necessities like, food, water, shelter or transportation. I think he may mean gadgets or things like tv, computers and things like that. I’m curious what he has to say. ?

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