Distracted Meme

This is the day of the week when I usually share some pictures and a recipe for some culinary delight that I prepared over the weekend.  That did happen, but it wasn’t until I was putting the finishing touches on the meal that I realized I’d completely forgotten to take pictures, even though I intended to do just that. Oops. So I made a fantastic soup that is beautiful and delicious, but you’re going to have to take my word for it since there is no actual visible proof.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now – most of it good, really, really good, but unfortunately, I can’t share any details just yet.  As soon as I can, I will, I promise.  In addition, I’m trying to do budgets and goal setting on top of all the normal stuff that needs to get done every day, plus my full time job, and I’ve promised myself that I would get more rest since I still haven’t adjusted to the time change and I’m waking up around 4:30 every day!

Because there’s so much happening, I’ve made several lists and they are all over the house, on my iPad, my iPhone, my desk, the table, the fridge – all necessary because there’s so much to keep track of.  Whenever I accomplish something, I cross it off the list with a flourish and a huge sense of relief.

Despite all the list making, I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything on my multiple to do lists.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who is distracted – the other day Hannah came tearing into the kitchen to bring me a tennis ball, but when she realized the fridge door was open and there were tasty leftovers inside, she put her ball on the shelf and sat down and waited.  My patient explanation of why tennis balls don’t go in the fridge fell on deaf ears – I’m sure all she heard was blah, blah, blah. 

The problem with this distractedness is that I’m not really experiencing the moment that I’m in.  I was halfway home tonight when I realized I hadn’t paid the least bit of attention to the road, I was just going with the flow of the other cars.  When I sat down to dinner, I ate a big bite of food before I remembered that I hadn’t yet thanked the one who provided it. 

There’s a book called Be Here Now by Ram Dass.  I admit, I didn’t actually read it because I am apparently not enlightened enough to understand it, but I really like the title – it reminds me that I need to be fully present in the moment and not let myself be swept away by all the distractions.

Hopefully I can dial things down a notch before I become a danger to myself or others, but I’d love to hear your advice on how to keep from being swept away by all of life’s distractions.  Please leave a comment at the top of this post or add a reply on Facebook.