Seductive Sirius

On January 5, 2015, I posted this on my Facebook page:

Ah, Sirius, how I have loved you! We have traveled many miles together and I have enjoyed your company immensely, your commercial free programming, your myriad of stations to choose from, the way you are always there for me even when I’m driving through remote places. But today’s topic is entitlement. I really, really tried to justify my NEED for satellite radio. I travel a lot. It’s commercial free. I listen to Christian music on The Message. But truly, there’s no way I can justify $200+ a year. Sure, I was given the option to change to a more affordable subscription and I really wanted it. But I stood fast on my decision and kept saying no thank you. And for the price I pay for my semi-annual subscription, I can support several of my favorite artists by buying their albums.

Sirius has been very diligent in contacting me every few weeks to let me know about their latest and greatest offer to win me back.  Typically their flyers go into the shredder and their emails into my trashcan, but this week, well, this week they came out with something fabulous.  The letter was titled Enjoy Thanksgiving with a Free Listening Event!  From November 19 – December 2, they are turning my Sirius radio back on – and I can listen for free! The fine print said that all I need to do is go to to learn more.  No commitment is necessary!  If I do want to continue my subscription, it will only be $20 for the first five months.  What a fantastic offer!  I actually considered it for about twenty-four hours.


In the end, I’ve decided I’m going to pass.  While I do enjoy commercial free music, at the end of the day, I still can’t justify it.  It’s also possible that as a big corporation Sirius XM Radio, Inc., might not be one I want to patronize. Unfortunately, there’s not enough information available about them (other than financial) for me to make an informed decision so I will have to let this offer pass me by.

Are you ever tempted by clever advertising?  What offers are hard for you to refuse?