Boxed Wine

Today’s post is a guest post from my dear friend, Judi Esposito (also known as Whodeet!).

I do love red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon specifically.  I don’t really remember when I started to love red wine, but for the last few years it has been my drink of choice.  Before I started drinking wine, I was a beer snob.  When my husband and I first met, he drank a very popular but simple beer.  I quickly showed him the light and turned him into a beer snob like myself, spoiled with micro brews and choosing water over the other stuff he used to drink. 

I know you are probably asking yourself “why are you talking about beer when the title of this blog is ‘Boxed Wine’?”  Well, since wine and beer are popular alcoholic drinks of choice, I am drawing a parallel to them and identifying myself as a complete beer snob. 

Conversely, I prefer a boxed wine over a bottled one.   There are many different reasons why, the primary one being that I can’t taste the difference.  That along with the economical and environmental value makes it the perfect drink.  I love a good deal and boxed wine fits that perfectly.  You get way more for your money and it is estimated that the carbon cost of shipping a single three liter box of wine is half that of shipping a 750ml bottle of wine, not to mention the ease of recycling a box.  Why wouldn’t you switch? 

Boxed Wine

All that being said, there are some boxed wines that are better than others.  I first thought that wine from a plastic bag packaged in a box could not possibly taste good.  Oh boy, was I wrong.  I do have to say, make sure to try different name brands because like I said, they do differ in taste. 

Recently I was blessed with a different boxed wine than I normally purchase.  I was familiar with this type but haven’t purchased it in the past because this box is higher priced than the one that I normally purchase.  I do have to say that this wine is very tasty indeed and I am truly enjoying it. 

Boxed Wine Bota Box

Bota Box

One thing that writing this has enlightened me to is that good things do not need to come in pretty packages.  Boxed wine is actually a great example of a wonderful thing inside of simple, economical, earth friendly package.  Makes me wonder about what other things I consume or have consumed in my life where the outside does not indicate the wonderfulness inside.  This could also apply to people we encounter every day of our lives, something I plan to be more aware of especially during this Christmas season.