Hannah has been hanging out at a farm while I’m hanging out with the grandkids, which means I haven’t been getting my usual daily walk in.  Today I had the opportunity to do a much different exercise regimen.  It went something like this:

Does everyone have their helmet on?  Okay, turn right when you get to the bottom of the driveway, no, other way, yup, keep going.  Hey buddy, can you go in front of me instead of behind?  It really hurts when you run over my leg like that. I know you’re sorry, it’s okay.

Look, a cement truck!  Yes, let’s watch it for a while.  It’s mixing up all the cement, isn’t it?  It’s just like the ones on Mighty Machines, you’re right!  Okay, we’re going to cross the street so we don’t go where they are trying to put the cement.  I know, it’s not the spot we normally cross, but it’s okay, I will watch for cars and you’ll be fine.

Maybe it would be better not to run over sticks with your bike.  I know you like smashing them.  Pick your feet up, sweetie, it’s hard for me to push you when they’re dragging.  Okay, every body stop when you get to the green signs, okay?  Yeah, look at those giant candy canes – they would be delicious if they were real!

Hey, buddy, can you get that stick out from your wheel?  That’s probably why you’re having so much trouble getting going.  Yes, that is a garbage truck!  Sure, we can stay here and watch them for a while.  Yeah, garbage is smelly, isn’t it?  And the truck is loud!

Go left, no left, yup, that’s right.  Keep going.  No, the sidewalk doesn’t end, we’re just going to go all the way around the circle.  Oops, part of your helmut fell off, that’s okay, how about if I just carry it for you?  Pick your feet up, sweetie.  There you go.

It is pretty cold and windy, isn’t it?  Sure, we can have hot cocoa for lunch.  You don’t want to go home yet?  Okay, we can keep going.  Hey, there’s that garbage truck again – right, they are picking up the trash on the other side of the street now, aren’t they?  Sure, you can ring your bell to say hi.  Yeah, go ahead and wave to the guys. 

Okay, we’re in the home stretch – keep pedaling.  I’m right behind you. Keep going up the hill, you can do it!  Okay, put your bikes and helmets away.  Sure, I can push you on the swings for a while. 

You don’t want to be in the baby swing?  Well, your brothers are already on the other swings.  Oh, what a nice big brother, thank you for letting your sister have your swing. I know, I can’t push as high as Gaga does.  Okay, I think it’s time to go inside and have some lunch (and take a nap so I can collapse).  Yes, that was a really fun time, maybe we can do it again tomorrow. 

Whew – not sure exactly how many calories I burned in those thirty minutes, but I was certainly worn out by the time we got home.  I’m counting my blessings, though – it’s rare that you can take a bike ride around the neighborhood in Michigan on December 11th and I am grateful to have had this time with my grandkids.