Sunny Day

There is just something about a sunny day.  When I step out the door to take Hannah for a walk and the sun is already brightening up the sky, I can’t keep from grinning.  It’s nearly impossible to be crabby when I lift my face up and feel the warmth on my skin. Even when temperatures are in the single digits, it feels warmer because the sun is there and I can almost forget it’s winter.  Sometimes it looks like rays of sunlight are coming all the way from heaven down to the earth – I’m convinced that its the very fingertips of God reaching down to physically caress his creation.

For reasons I can’t explain, it always makes me feel like something great is about to happen.  In fact, great things are happening.  There has been a lot in the news about the dangers of over exposure to the sun, but the truth is that human beings need sun to grow and thrive just like plants do.  In addition to the physical health benefits, exposure to the sun also reduces depression.  I can’t tell you all the latest discoveries about why our bodies need sunlight in one blog post, but I encourage you to type ‘benefits of the sun’ into google and read just a few of the articles you find.

Today was a perfect sunny day.  I knew as soon as I walked out of my office building that it was going to be fabulous and I wasn’t disappointed.  I’m not sure if it’s the light, the warmth, or the promise of a new day, but a sunny day comforts my very soul. 

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