You’re Invited!

Date: 2/17/16

Time: Now

Place: Anycity, Anywhere

RSVP: ASAP – my mood is subject to change without notice

You are cordially invited to attend my pity party!  No snacks will be served and no party favors will accompany you when it’s over, but I sure could use a little company.  So drop what you’re doing and join me in the celebration!

**Disclaimer – by the time you read this, I’m sure I will be back in the proper frame of mind, but for the moment, I’m feeling a little sorry for myself.

This is what’s happening in my kitchen right now. 

Leaking Ceiling

Smiley Leak

Drop in the bucket

It’s been like this for several days now, though the source of the leak has changed a couple of times.  This morning my house mate had the joy of stepping into the kitchen with her bare feet and discovering that the bucket was no longer in the right spot and the rug and surrounding area were completely soaked.

It’s not that big of a deal and I know it will get fixed but it’s just so incredibly inconvenient.  It’s hard not to take it personally.  And, as is often the case, there’s not just one thing going wrong, there’s more. 

Normally I can rise above my circumstances, but tonight I’m struggling a bit.  Yes, I know I can pray about all the stuff that’s going on, and I will, I promise, but sometimes I just want to whine a little.  Or a lot.

Life’s not fair and sometimes I wonder why me.  Why do I have to go through this hard thing?  Christie Purifoy wrote about this just last week on her blog. She’s so right and what she and her family are going through is so much worse than what mine is going through. 

The truth is that I am perfectly equipped to handle everything that’s happening, even though I might not like it.  There are lots of people who love, support, and pray for me and at the end of the day, the real question is, “Why not me?”

Looks like the party is going to be cancelled after all – it just took me a little while to remember that what I really am is blessed. 

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