Originally posted on Facebook, March 10, 2013.

We want there to be a why.  We believe in vain that if we just knew the why, it would somehow make sense.  We wonder if we could have done something to change the reality of what is today.  Because sometimes it’s very hard to live with the consequences of someone else’s actions. 

But knowing why would not help – even if we knew the answer, it could not justify where we are in this moment. 

I believe there is evil in this world.  It’s the evil that whispers in your ear

. . . have another drink

. . . go ahead and use

. . . check out this website

. . . spend a few more hours at the office

. . . it’s okay to have an innocent lunch with that person who’s not your spouse

. . . you deserve that new thing – it doesn’t matter if you go a little deeper in debt

. . . the world would be a better place without you

So if evil is inescapable, then how do we live in this world?  We surround ourselves with good –

  • We don’t watch that TV show
  • We don’t listen to that radio station
  • We don’t go to that website
  • We remember family comes before work
  • We spend time with our spouse every day, the best part of the day, not the leftovers
  • We live beneath our means
  • We forgive, even when the person doesn’t deserve it, seven times seventy
  • We help someone in need, especially if there’s nothing in it for us
  • We understand with crystal clarity that our happiness and salvation does not come from a bottle or a drug
  • We make sure there are people in our lives who love us where we’re at in this moment, but hold us accountable to a higher standard
  • We never miss the opportunity to listen to, hug, or say I love you to everyone who is special to us
  • We pray

We all experience difficult things – death, divorce, loss, debt, joblessness, but among the pain there is also unspeakable joy.  Let the season of grief pass and turn mourning into dancing. 

Bills Headstone

In Memory of William “Bill” Brannock

April 24, 1963 – March 10, 2012

No matter what you’re feeling, there is help available.  Call 800-273-TALK twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, or click here for more information.


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