Iron Sharpens Iron

Proverbs 27 Verse 17

Today I’ve been thinking about how fortunate I am to have such good friends. Most of us enjoy spending time with our friends, whether it’s the ones we see regularly or those that we only see only occasionally.  With the latter, it’s good to catch up and find out what is happening in each other’s lives.  Sometimes we’ll talk about the good old days and laugh about stuff we did or said or thought. 

Some friends transcend the normal bounds of friendship – a bosom friend, or kindred spirit, like Anne Shirley describes her friendship with Diana Barry in .  There’s a special connection that’s oblivious to age, background, or any other commonality. 

It’s the friend that can tell you in the nicest way possible that you are being an idiot.  That loves you right where you’re at, but then nudges you to do better.  The one to whom you can confess your latest epic fail without shame and then shares her own.

It hasn’t always been easy for me to let someone get this close.  A fair amount of my life was spent trying to be perfect and it was important not to let anyone close enough to see that there were gaping flaws in my veneer.  What I’ve discovered is that the more I’m willing to share, the more I’m willing to allow myself to be vulnerable, the richer the friendship becomes.  Discovering that I’m friend worthy and possibly even likable despite my quirks, foibles, and obvious lack of perfection has been a delightful surprise.

My fervent hope is that you, too, have a bosom friend who encourages you to be the absolute best you can be, who stands by you no matter what, who is your lifeline when things get tough and your biggest cheerleader when you accomplish a goal.  Why not take a moment to let that person know how much you appreciate their friendship and encouragement?

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