Ever since I was a kid I have loved wearing flip-flops.  They were so easy to put on, they came in all kinds of colors, and they didn’t cost a lot, which is pretty important when there are four kids in the family.  Sure, there were a few painful days in the spring when you first put them on as you adjusted to having a hard plastic thong wedged between your big and second toes, but it didn’t take long to toughen them up. There was also the inevitable moment when someone stepped on the back of your flip-flop, your momentum carried you forward, and the plug holding the thong in place gave way and your flip-flops were history. It took a little practice, but you could run, ride a bike, do pretty much everything in them.

My Dad, however, was not a fan of the flip-flop.  Whenever we got hurt while wearing them, he made sure to point that out.  In fact, when we got old enough to drive, we were not allowed to wear flip-flops if we were in the driver’s seat.  I still get a little twinge of guilt when I drive in flip-flops today (Mom, don’t tell Dad I do this, okay?).

Today’s flip-fops are pretty fancy – gone is the skin ripping plastic thong between your toes, replaced by comfortable, non-chafing fabric.  Some even have a wedge to better support your feet!  When I lived in Florida, I had several pairs, referring to them as my good flip-flops, my fancy flip-flips and my old flip-flops (those relegated to unsavory tasks like scooping dog poop, working in the garden, etc.).

Flip Flops 1

Flip Flops 4

Flip Flops 3

Flip Flops 2

Just a few of the pairs of flip-flops in the house right now.

Recently I was leafing through a copy of the May/June 2016 issue of Healthy Living Made Simple.  Imagine my horror to see the headline Flip-Flop Hazards.  Say it isn’t so! Apparently flip-flops are bad news in more ways than I ever imagined.  You can read more about it here and here.

Flip Flop Hazards

I mentioned a fairly recent incident related to flip-flops in a post I wrote last fall. Argh, I hate it when my Dad is right! 

I’m not ready to give up flip-flops for good – I mean, they’re the perfect solution for taking Hannah out for the last time in the evening or for walking over to get the mail – but maybe I need to reconsider wearing them when I’m going to be walking for more than ten or fifteen minutes.  What about you?  Are you yea or nay when it comes to flip-flops?  If you’ve been a victim of a flip-flop injury, feel free to share!