Summer Needs to Slow Itself Down

A few years ago, a Facebook friend posted, “Summer needs to slow it’s a** down.”  While I don’t normally speak that way,  I totally resonated with that statement.  I’m already feeling it – the tightness in my chest as I look at the calendar and see that it’s June 11th.  June 11th, people!  Whoa!

June 11th

Now, those of you that are planning to point out that it’s not even officially summer yet?  Summer is defined by a lot more than a date on a paper calendar, it’s defined by the end of the school season, the opening of the pool, the first fruits of the garden, and being outside in shorts and flip-flops. 

Whether it’s a throw back to being a kid and loving summer vacation, the fact that I have a summer birthday, or just the sensation of  feeling the warm sun on parts of my body that haven’t see daylight for months, this is my favorite time of the year. 


Why do evil thistles have such beautiful flowers?

This morning I took an especially long walk down to the dam, taking pictures and letting Hannah sniff and investigate every blade of grass and clump of dirt that piqued her interest. Admittedly, it seemed like a better idea going down, down, down the big hill than it did coming back up when it was already seventy-five outside at seven thirty in the morning, but I still relished it.  There was that moment when I stumbled off the path because I was looking at stuff, but it only hurt a little bit and my catlike reflexes kicked in and I managed not to fall.  Good thing I was wearing my Dansko tennis shoes and not my flip-flops!

Percy Priest Dam - June

Percy Priest Dam

All uphill from here

It’s all uphill from here . . . 

Hannah patiently waiting

Hannah patiently (?) waiting for me to take pictures

There are a lot of things on the calendar this summer, fun things I’m really looking forward to that will likely include family, friends, music, the lake, ice cream and other tasty treats.  Yet each activity, each thing that fills a weekend, makes the clock tick faster and I also want to have time for sitting on the porch swing, lying on the hammock, breakfasting on the patio, or reading a book while lying on a blanket on the grass.

It’s hard not to think back wistfully to when I was a kind and summer seemed to stretch out endlessly, with nothing on my agenda but playing and making sure I read a couple of hundred books to earn my prize for the summer reading club.  But I’m a grown up now and that means I have to go to work and cook meals and do laundry and run errands and clean house and all sorts of other stuff that needs to be crammed into my twenty-four hour day. 


For now, though, I’m sitting on the patio, having my breakfast and enjoying writing this while the birds sing, the breeze whispers through the trees, and I practice my new hobby of taking pictures of people who don’t clean up after their dogs

How are you spending the summer?  I’m praying you, too, will find a little time for slowing down and enjoying it!

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